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Major Giving Values Workshop



Full course description

Welcome to The PBS Major Giving Values Workshop, a training designed to increase your public media knowledge and help you strengthen communications and relationships with potential major donors. The workshop is designed as a complement to major giving tactical training.


Each module consists of:

  • A reading assignment to build baseline knowledge

And either/or – (sometimes both)

  • A short “Think Local” exercise, to apply knowledge directly to your station. You’ll need a notebook to keep track of your responses throughout the course.
  • A quiz based on the information in the reading, which you must complete/pass before moving on to the next module


We recommend doing the components in order and the best way to do that is in the module view in the left-hand navigation. Upon completion of all modules, you will be asked to complete an additional pre-work assignment. You are responsible for completing all the modules and related activities, as well as the pre-work assignment, before attending the workshop 


Remember, this online course is not simply a prerequisite to the PBS Major Giving Values Workshop, but it is an integral part of the learning. Please devote enough time to complete this important first step. You should plan on roughly 8-10 hours total; you have the option of breaking up total time spent by undertaking one module at a time.


By completing this training, you will:

  • expand your knowledge of public media’s mission, in alignment with your station’s goals
  • demonstrate your knowledge of PBS as a distinct and unique media offering helping to affect change in your community
  • be able to apply PBS media knowledge to donor conversations
  • hone your communication skills
  • craft effective approaches to major giving prospects, helping you start or further the conversation
  • be able to clearly differentiate the value of PBS compared to other broadcast and digital media alternatives, community organizations, and nonprofits

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