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PBS Data Literacy: Data-Informed Decision Making



Full course description

The Data-Informed Decision Making course provides participants with a framework for using data effectively in any professional situation. This course begins by describing why data can be overwhelming to work with and then explains how to think about data through the lenses of "performance measurement" (key performance indicators, dashboards, recurring reports) and "hypothesis validation" (ad hoc analyses). These two applications of data are fundamentally different, but they are related. The course also explores specific tools and techniques for effectively using data in both of these ways.

Data Literacy designed by Immersive Learning and Business Intelligence at PBS is a multifaceted professional development program to assist stations and station staff in understanding and using data to make strategic and informed decisions.

Data Literacy is founded on three main objectives:

  • Empowering station staff to feel confident and capable using data in their roles and at their stations.
  • Equipping station staff with the relevant knowledge and skills, including using data tools, to increase their understanding and ability to use data.
  • Elevating the conversations around data by fostering data-driven mindsets across the public media system.

Data Literacy through virtual coursework, collaborative discussions, and system-wide events covers four main topic areas:

  • The Basics - learning how to think about data, asking the right questions, and understanding what data can and can’t do
  • Data Strategy - identifying how data analysis, tools, and techniques can be utilized at the station to make decisions that further the station and PBS’ mission
  • Data Analysis - learning how to find data relevant to your role and your station, and how to analyze that data to generate actionable insights
  • Data Communication - understanding how to effectively speak about data and communicate with various stakeholders

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